Joyel Robinson

I had been seriously looking for a home a few months before attending the January 2004 Homeownership Now event. Attending the seminar really motivated me and brought to my attention all the programs for first-time buyers.

I was busy with graduate school and a full-time job but had a goal of buying six months after attending the seminar. It turned out that I found a home only a few miles away from my apartment in North Plainfield. The house was just what I was looking for: a colonial with a large backyard.

Thanks to Homeownership Now, I knew just what to do and was able to handle my real estate transaction at an extremely busy time in my life. In fact, I have recommended the Homeownership Now event to many friends and co-workers! I also found the book given to be a truly helpful guide for before, during, and after my home purchase.

I moved into my home in April and graduated with my masters in business just one month later. Thank you Homeownership Now for helping me realize my home buying dream!