Credit Workshop

Securing your credit is the first step to any real estate transaction. Unfortunately, this critical process is often intimidating and confusing, and can significantly delay homeownership.

CreditFirst is a workshop designed to show you how to eliminate credit as a major obstacle to homeownership. During this 90 minute presentation, CreditFirst will focus on how credit relates to the home buying process and the steps you can take to eliminate past credit issues and/or improve your scores for a future purchase.

Topics include how to:

  • Build and maintain a good credit history
  • Improve past credit issues
  • Build alternative credit
  • Take advantage of Fannie Mae & HUD programs
  • and more...

There is no cost for this workshop.

CreditFirst is a smart way to begin the home buying and financing process if credit is your concern. However, if you prefer a more detailed outline of the home buying process, the Homeownership Now Event will touch on credit and a great deal more.  You can register for the Homeownership Now Event by clicking here.

*There is no charge for this workshop.

Next Credit First seminar

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