Who Are We

Who Are We?
My Way Home is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting homeownership opportunities for working professionals from all income levels and economic backgrounds.

Our Vision
For nearly fifteen years, the founding members of My Way Home have been at the forefront of redesigning the real estate process.

We discovered years ago that traditional methods of buying and financing real estate had become confusing and excessively complicated to the point that many fear the entire process.

Today, our vision and defining goal remains true - To empower both new and veteran homebuyer with the education and skills necessary to achieve their home buying goals.

Our Methods
With the help of leading industry professionals and home educators, My Way Home has developed a system by which even first time home buyers can successfully navigate the treacherous waters surrounding the purchasing and financing of real estate. Through award-winning educational seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching, we have helped thousands of individuals and families achieve success, wealth and financial security in real estate.