Home Buying Process

Step 3 – Learn the Area

Congratulations, by reaching Step 3 you have completed two very important steps toward becoming a successful home buyer;

Step 1:    Building the right Partnerships

Step 2:    Obtaining a Full Approval

You’re now ready for Step 3 in the home buying process – Learn the Area

Your Realtor:

Here is where you will call upon your real estate agent to help you explore and discover the important details about the area where you are considering a home purchase.

If you haven’t built a relationship with realtor yet, your lending partner or attorney may have some recommendations.  However, like we discussed in Step 1, make sure the realtor you select is right for you.  In other words, don’t place a realtor on your team simply because he or she was recommended by someone else.  While they may be an excellent realtor, they may not be the right fit for you

During the Homeownership Now Event we will outline the key attributes of a quality real estate professional and provide you with questions to ask in order to determine if he or she is the right person to add to your home buying team.

Your real estate partner will then;

  • Help you research potential communities
  • Assist you in narrowing your home search
  • Help you create a “wish list”
  • Provide you with potential properties
  • Become your eyes and ears to the real estate market

Why is it important to learn about an area prior to locating a home of interest – Speed!

The challenge facing many home buyers in today’s market is locating a competitively priced home that meets some or most of their needs. 

When “the right home” becomes available, the speed at which you place an offer could mean the difference between a successful purchase and a missed opportunity.

By narrowing your home search and focusing on a specific community or complex, you will allow yourself the ability to act quickly.

In other words, by waiting to research a particular area after you locate a home of interest, your delay could leave the door open for someone else to place an offer and win the bid. 

Once you and your realtor decide on a specific area - whether that be a specific town, community, school district, commuting route or a combination things – you will then be positioned and ready to place a bid on a property should the right home become available.

Don’t forget the important fact that the purchasing of real estate is a business transaction and, at times, a complex negotiation between the buyer and the seller.  Taking time to select a quality realtor that is right for you is time worth taking.

You will have a chance to meet some of the industry’s top rated real estate professionals at the next Homeownership Now Event.  Click here to register.

Step 4: Making an Offer