Buyer's Agent vs Seller's Agent

Selecting the right real estate professional is an extremely important step in the home buying process as he or she will become your connection to the real estate marketplace.  However, it's important to note that not all agents work the same.

Currently there are three ways a real estate agent can assist you. They are:

  • As a Sellers Agent
  • As a Buyers Agent
  • As a Dual Agent

Let's examine each “agency” a bit closer to determine which agency is right for you.

A Sellers Agent:

A Sellers Agent works only for the seller and has a legal obligation, called fiduciary obligation, to the seller. That is, during the negotiation of the contract and bidding process, a Sellers Agent works to protect the interest of the seller.  The realtor’s name listed on a property sign or Multiple Listing (MLS) is typically a listing agent that works on behalf of the seller.

A Buyers Agent:

A Buyers Agent works only on behalf of you, the buyer. Therefore the fiduciary obligation is to protect your interest when locating, negotiating and closing on real estate.

A Dual Agent:

From time to time you will come across an agent that is acting as a dual agent. That is, they are representing both you and the seller during the bidding and negotiating process. This could happen if you are bidding on a property that has also been listed for sale by your real estate agent.  For example, the relationship you have with your realtor may start as a buyers agent relationship but change to a dual agent relationship if you decide to bid on a property that he or she has also listed for sale on behalf of the seller.  This is also true for any home you bid on that has been listed by someone in your realtor’s office.

It's important to note that regardless of the agency above, in many situations the seller compensates the real estate agent. Therefore you do not pay a fee to have an Agent represent you during the home buying process.

When you set out to buy a home, we feel that it’s best to work with a Buyers Agent.  To locate a Buyers Agent nearest you, simply complete our online profile and we’ll email you the contact information of a leading Buyers Agent in your area.